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Service Model

Our leadership team assigns a professional nurse to you.
Nurse Meeting with Family in Home

The RN Navigator will perform a detailed assessment of you and your living situation. Our services are tailored to provide proper medication management and support as needed. This comprehensive package assists the team in coordinating the care and appropriate level of service to keep you safe and well. 

The nurse incorporates the most up-to-date healthcare information and science into your individualized plan.

The RN Navigator will coordinate family and physician meetings with your involvement.

Our nurses are highly trained professionals. We review all credentials and complete background checks to assure safety. 

We care about your privacy and healthcare information.To manage this important issue, we keep all of our records in a secure location in our office, or on secure healthgrade electronic devices.

We are a privately-held nursing company that is fee-for-service model, we do not take insurance. We offer customized solutions and various pricing levels for our services. You may be eligible for long-term-care reimbursement based on your personal insurance policy. Please call us for review of your situation and affordable rates.

Let us be your "GENERAL MANAGER" for life and home services. We are the coordinators of care, home, legal, financial services as needed to provide a safe home environment for you. 

Call us today at (860) 707-9901 and lets get started!